Previous versions of the GPML code

Previously released versions of the code are available, but it is recommended to use the most recent version.

Current version

The current version 4.1 of the GPML code is available here.

Previous versions

Changes between versions are documented here.

The version 4.0 dated 2016-10-19 is available as gpml-matlab-v4.0-2016-10-19.tar.gz and

The version 3.6 dated 2015-07-07 is available as gpml-matlab-v3.6-2015-07-07.tar.gz and

The version 3.5 dated 2014-12-08 is available as gpml-matlab-v3.5-2014-12-08.tar.gz and

The version 3.4 dated 2013-11-11 is available as gpml-matlab-v3.4-2013-11-11.tar.gz and

The version 3.3 dated 2013-10-19 is available as gpml-matlab-v3.3-2013-10-19.tar.gz and

The version 3.2 dated 2013-01-15 is available as gpml-matlab-v3.2-2013-01-15.tar.gz and

The version 3.1 dated 2010-09-27 is available as gpml-matlab-v3.1-2010-09-27.tar.gz and

The version 3.0 dated 2010-07-23 is available as gpml-matlab-v3.0-2010-07-23.tar.gz and

The version 2.0 dated 2007-06-25 is available as gpml-matlab-v2.0-2007-06-25.tar.gz and

The version 1.3 dated 2006-09-08 is available as gpml-matlab-v1.3-2006-09-08.tar.gz and